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Chester’s Smokehouse
15 Watervliet Avenue, Albany
A world class craftsman just opened a business that will make your mouth water. Polish meat guru Chester Rozycki recently opened a European-style deli and smokehouse, aptly named Chester’s Smokehouse. Located in the heart of midtown Albany, Chester’s Smokehouse serves up homemade sausages, cured meats, jerky, pork loins, bacon, pierogis, stuffed cabbage, giant sandwiches, smoked cheese, and much more.
As you enter Chester’s Smokehouse, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a tradition. The design of the smokehouse is open; the walls are lined with coolers that give you a glimpse of Chester’s popular smoked pork loins, exquisite Kielbasa links, and hot dogs unlike any that you have ever tasted. Every single item in Chester’s Smokehouse is made in-house from scratch.
Whether you have a hankering for a pastrami sandwich, or you need to pick up hot dogs and sausages for your next BBQ, or you just want to make an unforgettable meal for your family, stop in at Chester’s Smokehouse and taste for yourself the difference that European traditions, quality ingredients, and a desire for perfection can add to your meal. The menu features over 50 different items, but this is only the beginning. Chester’s is expanding the deli items daily.


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