Bathing suit trends and body type best looks


Summer is on its way and hopefully you are getting ready to hit the beach or the pool.  This time of year can be unnerving for some but the swimwear styles and shapes for 2018 will look great on a wide variety of body shapes. Whether you are pear, diamond, apple, hourglass, straight, full or small bust, there is a suit for your body shape. To look your best in or out of the water, here are the latest and greatest bathing suit trends with recommended body shape ideas.

Romantic ruffles and frills
This trend is best for the pear-shape body type. The definition of a pear shape is a person who has a smaller top with larger hips. This look was a big trend last season and has continued to evolve with its flattering ultra-feminine appeal. Unlike last year’s popular off-the-shoulder options, 2018’s suits feature the feminine frills along the shoulder strap. Ruffle tops will accentuate your bust line and bring the eye to the top portion of your body. Look for options in soft pastels for a sweet, romantic feel.

Belted swimwear
This suit looks best on the straight, rectangular body type and creates an illusion with a cinched waist. Retro swimsuits have taken on new form this season. Stretching beyond the high-waisted trend of past seasons, swim brands have added a fun, new accessory to the mix—a belt. Whether you opt for a sporty style (i.e., solid and striped) or a more feminine silhouette, there’s an option for most. With an actual belt attached or a suit with wrap ties at the waist, 2018’s swimsuits will be giving you a cinched hourglass figure.

Graphic neon
This look is great for the hour-glass body type, which, in essence, means you are equally proportioned on the top and the bottom. You will make a statement at the beach with a graphic neon swimsuit. Color-blocked, cut outs, graphic patterns, new textures, and pops of leopard will be sure to make you stand out among the more common, muted swimwear palettes around you.

Deep V neckline
You will find this suit in a one-piece. It’s more for someone with a smaller chest as the neckline is not as supportive as a higher neckline. The style is another great look for the straight body type or the apple—more on the apple body type below. The most popular bathing suit colors this year are pinks, reds and purples.

This trend is for the apple-body type and the straight-body type. The apple shape is the opposite of the pear shape and is larger on the top portion with smaller hips. The look has a high neck with an adjustable corset back. The beauty behind this look is that it is adjustable by having the ability to pull in or out per your body type. Typically, this suit comes in a two-piece and the top is longer with either a high-rise bottom or hipster that shows a little bit of the tummy area. A cute polka dot top with a solid or striped bottom would look great in or out of the water.
Whatever body shape you are, the most important element is feeling comfortable and confident in the swimwear you choose. Hopefully, the above looks and tips help make going to your favorite beach or your pool a very enjoyable experience.


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