Book Review – I Think I Love You


Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, here are two novels which celebrate love in various forms, though neither one would be considered romance novels. Enjoy your reading.

I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson, author of the bestseller, I Don’t Know How She Does It, is the story of Petra and her best friend Sharon, their shared crush on/obsession with David Cassidy, and how 25 years later they finally get to meet their heartthrob. Petra’s 13-year old voice is spot on; it makes you wonder if Pearson went back to her pre-teen diaries to recreate 1974 so accurately. Any female reader of a certain age will immediately reminisce about their Tiger Beat days. Regardless of who the crush of the year was – Shaun Cassidy, Donny Osmond or Bobby Sherman – David Cassidy is the stand-in for the distant, unobtainable (and thus safe) object of schoolgirl passion. The girls enter a fan contest to win a visit with David Cassidy and when they don’t win, their obsession fades and they turn to real life boys instead. Twenty-five years later, separated from her husband and clearing out her childhood home after her mother’s death, Petra finds a letter announcing that she had won the Ultimate David Cassidy Quiz contest, which her mother had intercepted. When a magazine publicizes the story, Petra and Sharon actually get to live their childhood dream. This novel will bring you back to your 13-year-old self and remind you of how utterly important everything was, even though adults couldn’t seem to understand at all. If you want to understand your daughter’s Edward/Jacob mania, read I Think I Love You.



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