Bovenzi Architects


Many people approach building projects with a keen sense of the limits: limits on space, budget or schedule. For an architect, the challenge is to value those limits while transcending them—to create a practical space of striking beauty. 

Bovenzi Architects is a design firm specializing in residential and commercial architecture, planning and interiors and has been taking on that challenge for the last 22 years. 

Placing the highest priority on responsible design and client satisfaction, Bovenzi Architects take the most complex requirements imposed by client, property characteristics, zoning and code ordinances as inspiration for inventive and successful solutions.  Bovenzi Architects draw upon current and emerging technologies and integrates intelligent construction techniques with evocative design characteristics to make sensual architectural space while remaining grounded in sound design principals.

With the use of the computer and other appropriate technologies, Bovenzi Architects provides quality professional services in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Services can include design counseling (advice on feasibility, planning tips, brainstorming, programming), as well as tailored design and documentation, assistance with bidding and contractor selection and assistance during construction. 

Bovenzi Architects serves homeowners, local governments, business owners, institutions, corporations, religious organizations and industrial clients. 

Please contact Chris Bovenzi, architect at, for more information. Established in 1991, our 22nd year.

Bovenzi  Architects, 121 Menemsha Lane, Wynantskill. For more information call 434.4911.


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