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October 2011

Admit it. Christmas is great, the 4th of July is a blast, but for downright devilish fun, Halloween is the best. From decorating the house to haunted hayrides and free candy to that convenient excuse to dress up like someone wild and blame it on the holiday.

June 2011

Recently, a friend of mine who is struggling with her weight wrote something on Facebook about how fat she was feeling…

March 2011

There s a cowboy in Saratoga County with a big heart, well-stocked bar and a secret. In his basement lies the most elaborate karaoke setup this side of Memphis.

January 2011

As we kick off a new, and hopefully better year than the last, I sit in the half light of my study in front of a dusty computer wondering what these past 48 years have taught me.

November-December 2010

Not exactly in the holiday spirit? I know how you feel. It’s tough sometimes to jumpstart your heart and thaw the ice that seeps into our lives like water on cracked pavement.

August 2010

Question – How does a grown man fall off the treadmill at a crowded gym?

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