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Delmar Dental Medicine

Delmar Dental Medicine, the office of Dr. Thomas Abele, has been located in the heart of Delmar since 1969. One of our goals is to provide the best dentistry to each patient in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  Our reception area has a new look and the latest amenities, which make it very calming and feels like home. Each dental operatory has a television to help you to relax and make you "forget you’re at the dentist office".
Dr. Abele is certified in Sedation Dentistry in New York State.  He is a member of D.O.C.S (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation) and more information on Conscious sedation can be found at their website at  Sedation dentistry is primarily for patients who have anxiety during their dental visits or for patients who require a large amount of treatment at one time.

Our office also has the latest advances in dentistry such as 2-D digital x-ray and 3-D Cone-beam x-ray technology. This new technology will help us to diagnose our patients because the images are clearer and easier to read, while exposing the patient to a minimal amount of radiation.
Dr. Abele’s office provides routine care (such as dental cleanings and x-rays) to complicated dental implant cases, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry.  We are also very proud of our in-house dental laboratory that handles all of our dental cases. They construct all cases closely with Dr. Abele and each patient. They also handle repairs for patients in a very timely fashion. Our close-knit staff caters to our patients’ needs and ensures that each patient is given the time they need.

Dr. Abele has also been doing dental implants for over 30 years. He uses the latest dental implant technology and is certified in the Atlas Dental (mini-implant) system. This is a new technology that can help denture-wearers by providing them with better appearance and function of their dentures.
Delmar Dental Medicine is open Monday-Thursday and can be found on the web at  We can be reached at 439.4228 if you would like to schedule an appointment.


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