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Saint Gregory’s School
121 Old Niskayuna Road, Loudonville; 785.6621
Saint Gregory’s School: A Choice for your Son’s Future
Saint Gregory’s School provides an outstanding education that allows your son to have a competitive edge as he grows. The global world continues to produce a more competitive environment when it comes to the top jobs. An investment in an independent, single-sex educational environment pays immediate dividends.
Saint Gregory’s is an independent school.  Independent schools have freedom of curriculum.  Public schools are bound by the new common core curriculum.  The schools of the Albany Diocese also have adopted the common core as have some independent schools in the area.  The common core curriculum assumes that everyone enters education in the same place and will graduate in the same place.  An independent curriculum allows a school to meet a student where he is and guide him to maximize his potential as a life-long learner. 
Our graduates always go to the school of their choosing upon graduation, including some of the finest boarding schools on the east coast, such as Deerfield and Hotchkiss.  Many of our students continue education at local independent schools with significant academic scholarships, while some of our graduates go to public schools and are placed in advanced courses and, on occasion, skip a year. Return on investment is immediate.  Come see us in action.


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