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Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Just like life, fashion moves fast…sometimes so fast that you aren’t always sure that what you have in your closet is still on trend or not. If you have to switch closets season to season, then these tips should help guide you in deciding what to purge and what to keep rocking through the fall.

Are maxi skirts still on trend?
Absolutely! Maxi skirts have been in style for a while now. They’re feminine and flirty. If you prefer not to show your legs, they are also a fashionable way to stay cool in the hot summer months. If you have ever struggled with what to wear with a maxi skirt, then my recommendation is to go with something simple, think white tee or white camisole…a top that is very neutral and won’t take away from the gorgeous skirt.

What are the skirt or dress hem lengths that are in? 
As for hemlines, pretty much anything goes. This spring, look for everything from full circle skirts to flowy midis and maxis to flippy, flirty miniskirts. As always, the length or lengths best for you are determined by your height (petite frames, for example, can get swallowed up by maxis), the parts of your shape you want to highlight, and, of course, personal style. Two rules of thumb to follow are when in doubt, go with a knee length, a timeless hemline, and avoid a hem that hits the fullest part of the calf, which will visually shorten and widen the leg.

How do you mix prints and look modern?
Mixing prints is all the rage right now. When mixing prints, stay within the same color story. It may be prudent to limit mixing two or three colors, so it doesn’t look too busy or confusing. For example, if you have a black and white horizontal striped shirt, then pairing the shirt with a black and white polka dot sweater or duster will make the look very hip and on trend.

Can you wear white denim all year long? 
Yes! Many years ago, the old rule of no white after Labor Day and not before Memorial Day rang true but no more. White is so fresh and feminine. White denim can be unforgiving compared to the dark wash trend. One look to try is an all-white look. Mixing textures and tones is the key to making an all-white look work. One idea is to pair neutrals with all white using a beige sandal and a blush jacket. I prefer the ‘just above the ankle’ white denim with a frayed edge, add in the beige sandal, and your legs will look much longer.

Are leggings still on trend?
Definitely yes! Most of us can agree, leggings are comfortable and look best when our backside is covered. To keep your leggings fresh, try a 7/8th length. The 7/8th look means the fabric ends right before the ankle. This length looks great with sneakers, slides or sandals. Another change in the legging look is a higher waistline, especially for the gym. Fabrics have come a long way with compression and shapewear to give a streamlined look for the gym or on the go. Also, camo prints are big this season in the legging department.

Are cold shoulder or off-the-shoulder tops still in?
Per my research, unfortunately, you may need to say goodbye to the cold shoulder top, they are now off-trend. The on-trend look is one shoulder and sexy strapless looks. Off-the-shoulder styles will always be a go-to effortless seasonal essential but feel free to reuse the cold shoulder tops by adding another layer on top of the cold shoulder so you can squeeze out another year or so with the cold shoulder tops hanging in your closet.

What are some tricks to look slimmer?
There are definitely some intentional items to look for when shopping if you are trying to elongate your look or look a bit slimmer. Pair a dark wash boot-cut jean with a lighter shade top. This will make your legs look much longer. Pointed shoes are also a way to add length to any outfit. V-neck shirts versus crew neck shirts will drag the eye down the torso. One last tip is to wear a longer necklace, and again this does the same as the v neck shirt by drawing the eye down the torso.

Hopefully, these answers have helped with any fashion questions you may have had and helped with your shopping decisions. Enjoy!

Luann is a lifelong curator of fashion and enjoys researching the latest trends and tips for all of our Capital Region Living readers. You can reach her at


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