Fresh Start


Tips to start on the right path in 2017

Rolling into 2017 is unbelievable to many. While we may be in awe of that, yes indeed, we are here in 2017, we all share one thing in common. That’s the need to start off on the “right” path. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Time to set the tone of less stress for the year
Remove as much stress as you can from day to day life. Start a new hobby or pick up one that you have been too busy to do consistently. Hobbies are super stress relievers and often very productive. Take quilting, for an example. While it occupies your mind and taps your creative juices, it also nets you a result that can make you feel better about yourself and your accomplishments. So many of us are in jobs where you do not always see the end results because there are so many hands and brains in the process. Seeing the fruits of your hobby labor will be awesome and healthy for your soul.
Massage is a great way to reduce stress as well. Serotonin and dopamine are also released through massage and the result is a feeling of calm relaxation. The American Council on Massage Therapy indicates that stress is a prevalent component in today’s fast-paced world, which can negatively impact on an individual’s health and well-being. Massage therapy has been shown to be a means by which stress can be reduced significantly on physical and psychological levels. A once-a-month investment can pay huge health dividends.

Love it or leave it
Take a look at your physical environment. Your work place and/or your home. This is where you spend the majority of your time each and every day. Do you love it? You should. Spend some time taking stock of your home and figure out what you would do over to make it perfect for your needs. If it is more than what your market will allow in your area and higher than what you could expect to sell your home for, perhaps it is time to call a real estate agent. Many of us will stay put because it is easier, but it may not be the fiscally responsible thing to do. The same applies your office if you own your business. You may have outgrown it but there you sit because moving is a hassle. January is a great time to put a plan for downsizing or upsizing into action.
If staying in your home is the answer and selling is not, it could be just a cosmetic change to make your family home perfect once again. New flooring often sets off the home flawlessly. Your floors are everywhere in the house, for sure, and if there is one thing that can touch all aspects of the home, this is it! When you are ready to sell, this will certainly increase your selling price.

Be spontaneous
Add some spontaneity to your life. When is the last time that you threw off the dinner plans and grabbed the family or significant other and went to dinner? Not a planned holiday dinner but just an “I don’t feel like cooking” night. It can be so liberating! You know your budget and you know where you can loosen the strings a bit.
Catch a movie out and turn off network TV. Yes, you will invest a few hours but you are investing into sheer escapism. Once more, do this on a whim. You don’t have to plan everything in life and grabbing dinner and a movie can be a relatively inexpensive way to surprise everyone. A date night? A family night? Just do it.

Get your affairs in order for the year ahead
Do you have a financial planner? Why not take the time to meet with one. You will sleep better at night because you will have the complete picture going into the New Year. Journal where you are financially—car needs to be replaced, house needs upgrades, college funds. If you start with questions for a financial expert, you will end with knowledge for the months ahead.
Seek legal counsel. This issue is full of great legal choices and you do not have to be facing something dire to appreciate good advice and counsel. Prepare a will, whatever your age. Seek elder law counsel if you are assisting your elderly family. It is never too early to get this guidance.
Make certain your family autos are in the best shape they can be in—tires rotated, oil changed, inspections done. Is your car in good working order? Are you planning a new car purchase but the timing isn’t quite right in 2017. Your transportation is your key to getting there for almost everything in today’s world. Make a relationship with an auto repair center. Once again, ask the right questions to seek the best answers on what should be completed to keep your vehicles running in tip-top shape.
Exercise programs are often left behind with the winter months. By April, many of us have fallen back to an undisciplined lifestyle. The key is to choose what you enjoy. Schedule a class each week, find partners to enjoy the class with. Try everything once or twice to make certain that there isn’t a great way to grab the exercise you need that you may love but haven’t yet tried. Pilates, yoga and gyrotonic® exercise – give it a try!


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