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Ace Hardware
831 Hoosick Road, Troy
www.acehardware.com; 284.4000
Spring has finally arrived and Ace Hardware of Brunswick has some tips to help you get started in making your garden and lawn the very best! You’ve spent the winter imagining it, so whether this is your annual ritual or a first–time attempt at a garden, be sure to follow these tips.
Although the Capital Region may be warming up, it’s not quite time to do all of your planting. Working the soil too early could be a mistake depending on your location. When the ground is still saturated with melting snow, it is easily compacted when treading across it. Plant roots grow best when there is clear space and air for the roots to thrive.
If this is your first time, start slow, research what you will be growing and plot out where you would like your garden to go. Does you location get full sun, partial sun, or shade? What type of soil do you have? Will you have to add certain types of nutrients, compost, or additional soil to ensure that your plants and soil are compatible?
We are excited to introduce an all-new 8,000 square-foot garden center set to open Memorial Day weekend on May 25th! Our team has worked diligently to source floral plants, herbs, trees, and lawn and garden accessories locally to help our agriculture community. So please stop by and see how Ace Hardware of Brunswick can help your garden spring to life!

Action Window Cleaning Co., Inc.
PO Box 320, Rensselaer
www.AWCcompany.com; 462.4986
We make YOU look good!
As the largest woman-owned window cleaning company in the area, Action Window Cleaning has been impressing customers for over 30 years.  Led by President Lisa Despart, AWC continues to live up to its reputation of being reliable, professional and friendly while helping customers showcase the beauty of their homes.
As the name implies, AWC cleans windows inside and out, wipes down screens and window sills, but does more than windows.  Pressure washing, chandelier and mirror cleaning are just some of the additional services. “Customers often don’t think of what needs to be done until we arrive and appreciate our ability to perform tasks while we are ‘up there’ on the ladder,” Lisa notes.
Why use AWC? According to Lisa, the employees set her company apart. “Customers are always complimenting me on how friendly my staff is and how enjoyable it was to have them at their home.  They expect us to deliver quality service and are pleasantly surprised by the easy–going personalities that come along with that.”
An experienced employee will arrive at your home in uniform, driving a company vehicle, supplied with professional window cleaning tools. AWC is properly insured with both liability and workers’ compensation and follows the most current safety techniques. 
Let AWC’s great staff help you protect your home, often your biggest investment, with regular maintenance.  Their professional services will brighten, clean and beautify your home.  When your home looks good, YOU look good. 

Becker’s Farm Garden Center
420 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer
www.beckersfarm.com; 477.4163
Spring has sprung and Becker’s Farm Garden Center is ready for all of your planting needs. Well known for the “largest baskets around,” we fill the greenhouses and nursery with large quantities and varieties to suit any taste. In addition, Becker’s offers plants for every part of your exterior landscape, with a huge variety of robust annual flowers, herbs and vegetables transplanted daily. We have a large selections of trees and shrubs–a huge selection of perennials arrive late in April and a large assortment of Star roses by early May. As a certified retailer of Proven Winner plants, Becker’s sells a series of plants specifically chosen to thrive in our region and climate. Varieties like Bacopa, Calibrochoa, Osteospermum, Scaveola and Supertunia are popular favorites of beginner and master gardeners.  The Supertunia is famous for its large size and low maintenance.
To complete your landscaping needs, Becker’s sells bulk lawn and garden products, including various colors of mulch, topsoil, garden compost and sand for pick up or delivery. Mulch not only improves the look of landscape, but adds to the length to the life of your plants. The staff at Becker’s takes prides in excellent customer service and knowledge of the plants and nursery stock. Many of our associates come from gardening and horticultural backgrounds, providing customers with accurate information and insight.   
Located directly across from Columbia Plaza in East Greenbush, Becker’s is open 7 days a week.  Contact us at 477.4163.

The Davey Tree Expert Company
141 Wade Rd, Latham
www.davey.com; 512.0320
To Invest in Your Property, Invest in Your Trees
Trees growing in unnatural urban settings—like the average suburban lawn—need more care to thrive than their cousins in the untamed wild. Uninterrupted turf grass saps moisture and soil nutrients away from tree roots, making it difficult for trees to flourish. Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to property value, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. How can you help your trees prosper?
Fertilize – In the forest, trees benefit from years of fallen leaves and other decaying material that create a rich, organic soil. A deep-root application of a slow-release fertilizer, such as The Davey Tree Expert Company’s patented Arbor Green PRO®, mimics the nutrients in such organic soil. Replenishing the soil around your tree via fertilization will help grow a stronger, better blooming tree more resistant to pests and disease.
Prune – The cornerstone of successful tree care is pruning, to maintain health and withstand severe weather, while providing an attractive shape, increase life, and eliminate decaying, errant, diseased or dead branches.
Water – Lawns often are watered regularly, but trees and shrubs, especially young or recent transplants, need frequent watering, too. Each tree and shrub in your landscape benefits from a long, slow watering once per week during periods of hot, dry weather.
If your trees troubled by pests, disease or storm damage, consult a certified arborist to develop a plan to maintain their health. 

Decker’s Landscape & Aquatics
1632 Main Street, Rt. 5s Pattersonville
New 2nd location: 1157 New Loudon Road, Rt. 9, Latham
www.ThePondPeople.net; 887.5552
Container water gardens – Dive in and get wet
A tub garden is easy to build and is a great addition for a deck or sun porch. Just about any container that holds water can be made into a tub garden. A small container of only a gallon or two may be suitable for one plant; a larger container of 10 gallons or more can sustain a few goldfish and help keep water clear.
Begin by selecting a container that you like. A container only a few inches deep will work for some plants. If you want fish or water lilies in your tub garden, use a container at least 12 inches deep. Look around your shed, attic or basement—almost any container that will hold water will work.
Be sure to place the container where you will see it often. Water is heavy and you most likely will not be moving the tub garden around once the water is added. Select an area with at least four or five hours of direct sun if you want to grow a water lily or other flowering plant. Shallow water plants can be elevated on bricks. Water lilies and other deep-water aquatics should be in a pot on the bottom of the container.
Container water gardens are simple yet make a stunning display, so dive in and get your feet wet.

Emerich Sales & Service
187 Valentine Road, Charlton; 399.8574
or 1369 Route 9, South Glens Falls; 636.5580
Best Prices—Best Selection—Best Service—and, the Most Knowledgeable Staff in the Area
Emerich Sales & Service has been taking care of customers’ power equipment needs since 1968 with product advice and superior service for top brands including Kubota, Yanmar, Cub Cadet, Toro, Ferris, Walker and Exmark, to name a few. Emerich offers a customer experience unlike any you will find at a box-store.
One of the many advantages of doing business with Emerich is the set-up and delivery service at no charge within 50 miles. If your equipment has an issue under warranty in the first six months, we will waive the pick-up and delivery charge.  Even if you purchased elsewhere, we service all brands and have pick-up and delivery available for those who can’t transport their equipment. Emerich has many attractive financing programs and options through major manufacturers and lending institutions.  
Emerich understands that the purchase of equipment is just one part of the ownership experience and stocks parts for all makes and models that they sell. Many common items, such as belts, shear bolts, gas caps, can be purchased through www.EmerichSales.com, and shipped directly to a customer’s home. We also have a www.PartsByNet.com site for after-market and OEM parts.
Experience the Emerich difference. Visit your closest location—Charlton, just 15 minutes east of Amsterdam, or South Glens Falls, exit 17N off the Northway, one mile on the left.

Faddegon’s Nursery
1140 Troy Schenectady Rd. Latham   
www.faddegons.com; 785.6726
 Faddegon’s Nursery, founded 92 years ago, is still owned and operated by the Faddegon family. The business has grown significantly with each decade and continues to define nursery excellence in the Capital Region. Excellence means sharing the passion for all things horticultural. With ever-“growing" expertise, we can guide our customers through a complete home landscaping project or help prepare a vegetable garden! Faddegon’s sales staff and foremen have 373 years of collective service. We are proud to say that those 373 years of experience allows us to provide gardening knowledge, guidance and inspiration that is unmatched anywhere. Each year, we research and collect new and interesting cultivars of perennials, annuals and nursery stock, expanding the possibilities for a breathtaking gardens and allowing more creative combinations than ever before. There is no better place for a family to come together than in the peace of a garden. So if you can imagine it, Faddegon’s can design it into the life of your home.

Farrell Brothers
6 Simmons Lane, Albany
www.farrellbrothers.com; 462.5454
We know it does not feel like it yet, but the hot and muggy weather will be here before you know it and if your central air conditioning happens to be a box fan, well, it might be time to call us. We know that there are many ways to rehab your home and improve your quality of life in it, but a Central Air System is a terrific way to invest in and improve your home’s value.
Central Air can cut down on your overall electricity costs; it lowers humidity and is much quieter than fans and window conditioners. Central air also improves the indoor air quality. If you have family members suffering from COPD or asthma, you will be improving their quality of life along with the indoor air. Call us for a free estimate and we can put you on the road to summer relief.
Tip for spring: Spring flowers bloom from lots of rain and you want to be ready for it. Be sure to check out your sump pump. If you have a battery backup sump pump, also check or charge the battery. Keeping your basement free of springtime flooding will make this special time of year more enjoyable. Please check out our ad for coupons and call us to book your appointment today.

492 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham
www.fleurtaciousdesigns.com; 608.5618
Fleurtacious is not your average flower shop. When you step into our new shop on Troy Schenectady Road, you will see just that. The front of our store is filled with home decor items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. From unique glassware to locally made candles, you will be able to find the perfect gift item for anyone.
Have a specific place that needs sprucing in your home? Send us a picture or come in and have a chat with one of our designers. We can help bring fresh fleurs monthly with our subscription program. Our customers love receiving these seasonal designs that give fresh color and warmth to their homes. They also make great gifts. Looking for something long lasting? We design custom silk floral arrangements, whether you’re seeking a wreath or a centerpiece of what we like to call permanent flowers. Finding the perfect item that brings inspiration to your space is important to us.
Looking to go green? With all of our knowledge of horticulture, we can give you guidance in choosing the perfect plant to liven up your home. Whether it’s a sunny kitchen, a home office, or a dining room, we can find a plant that will thrive in any environment.
Come visit our new shop and let us help you create your dream home and garden.

Ghent Wood Products
1262 Rte. 66, Ghent
www.ghentwoodproducts.com; 828.5684
It is the time to start thinking green, and here at Ghent Wood Products, we have what you need. With a great selection of 1¾-inch thick rough-sawn hemlock in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch widths, we have materials for making raised flower beds and raised vegetable gardens. Pairing that with our 100% organic bark mulch, we are here to help make your yard look fantastic.  At Ghent Wood Products, our bark mulch is locally produced from pine and hemlock. All of our mulch is dye-free and safe to have in your vegetable and flower gardens. With the ability to choose a natural look (lighter) and a reground look (darker), you will be able to find what you need for your project. If you are looking for large quantities of mulch, but do not have a truck to pick it up, don’t worry; we will be happy to deliver anything over four yards to you for a small fee. Please feel free to call for a quote. Now that we are thinking about the good weather, we have fencing options for you, from pressure-treated posts to white and red oak 4x4s. For options in rail stock, we carry hemlock, pine, red and white oak. If you are looking for split rail, we carry posts and rails, in black locust. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 828.5684.

Hewitt’s Garden Centers, Inc.
Scotia | East Greenbush | Wilton | Clifton Park | Latham | Guilderland | Glenmont | Queensbury
Hewitt’s Garden Centers, Inc. is a local company specializing in providing lawn and garden-related products, service and information that are unrivaled. With 50 years in the business and eight stores located in the 518 area code, Hewitt’s is the fifth largest independent retail garden center in the country. Here’s why:
• The area’s largest selection of hardy shrubs and trees all covered by our exclusive lifetime nursery guarantee. If any hardy shrub or tree fails to grow and thrive, we’ll replace it free.
• Hewitt’s Country Estate lawn food and grass seed blends will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.
• The area’s largest selection of perennial and annual flowers for sun, shade and everything in between. Vegetable plants? We’ve got you covered there, too.
• An extensive selection of fruit trees, blueberries, raspberries and lots more. If an edible landscape is what you hunger for, Hewitt’s is the place for you.
• Naturally, we have all the plant food, mulch, soil and garden accessories to make your yard, porch and patio the perfect place to unwind after a busy day.
• Most important, we have an experienced staff ready to assist you with whatever project you have in mind and with eight locations throughout the region, there’s sure to be a Hewitt’s near you.
 Visit www.hewitts.com to get answers to your gardening questions and sign up for weekly emails with money–saving coupons and seasonal tips.

Hudson River Tractor
Locations in Chatham, Schaghticoke, Clifton Park, Fultonville, Goshen
In October of 2005 Davis Tractor & Turf, Inc. of Chatham and K.C. Canary-Fultonville, Inc. partnered to form The Hudson River Tractor Company, LLC. Their vision was to grow to meet the needs of an ever expanding market in the Mohawk and Hudson valleys and their mission was to become the leader in agricultural, commercial and consumer equipment products and services in that region.
Today, Hudson River Tractor is a full-line John Deere Agricultural and Commercial & Consumer Turf dealer with four locations in and around the Capital Region in Schaghticoke, Clifton Park, Chatham and Fultonville, as well as a location in Goshen in Orange County, which serves the lower Hudson Valley and northern New Jersey.
The John Deere agricultural equipment at Hudson River Tractor includes utility and row crop tractors, combines, forage harvesters and hay, planting and tillage equipment. HRT also carries agricultural products from H&S, Krone, Oxbow and Hardi. John Deere Turf and Worksite equipment includes commercial mowers, skid steers, mini-excavators, utility vehicles and compact tractors, as well as a wide variety of riding lawn equipment and attachments. HRT also is a dealer for Stihl hand-held equipment and Honda power equipment, including the industry leading walk-behind mowers and generators. The business provides after-market support with genuine John Deere and OEM parts, factory trained technicians, and mobile service.
Hudson River Tractor—one company comprised of people strong in their backgrounds and expertise—provides complete solutions for your needs.

Hudson Solar
125 Wolf Road, Albany
Hudsonsolar.com; 866.452.7652
The solar industry had a record-breaking year in 2014. Solar market experts are predicting the number of installed systems will reach THREE TIMES the number only three short years ago. According to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), solar energy is generating enough clean energy to power over 3.5 million American homes.
Customers can expect 50-60% of solar installation costs to be covered between the NYS and federal tax credits and rebates. Once the system has been paid off, the home will be producing free, clean energy for the lifespan of the system—a no-brainer for “going green” and “saving green.”
Among the many elements to consider when looking into solar power for your home, the most important factor is WHO will be installing your system. Is it a reputable company with longevity and experience? NABCEP-certified? Using high quality products?
When it comes to reliable power and real savings, choose Hudson Solar, an award-winning solar design and installation company with a portfolio of over 1,100 installed systems. Whether you own a home, farm or business, Hudson Solar has the expertise and experience to design the perfect, custom solar system to fit your needs. With two locations, Albany and Rhinebeck, we are truly your local source for high quality installations.  Since 2003, Hudson Solar has served upstate New York, western Massachusetts and southern Vermont, and is a proud employer of military veterans. Visit hudsonsolar.com for further information or call 866.452.7652 for a free estimate.

Kinderhook Bank
Albany | Chatham | Delmar | East Greenbush | Greenport | Kinderhook | Valatie
www.yourkindofbank.com; 758.7101
As a trusted and growing, locally-owned community bank since 1853, Kinderhook Bank is dedicated to the interest of the neighbors, businesses, and friends who we serve in the Capital Region. Whether you need personal or business banking or lending products with online access, remote banking or person-to-person, we have the right solutions for you to achieve your financial goals.
 Ready to take on that remodel of the kitchen or bath, or looking to put in a pool this year? This spring, Kinderhook Bank has a great rate for Home Equity Line of Credit, featured in our ad on page 34. Not only can you get a great rate, you’ll also get a $200 Visa® Gift Card after your loan closing. Stop by any branch for more information or to apply.  
Kinderhook Bank is growing in the Capital Region.  With four branches already in Columbia County, you can also find us in East Greenbush, Delmar, downtown Albany, and now in Latham at 782 Troy-Schenectady Road (1 mile west of the Latham Circle). The newest branch will have our signature relaxed atmosphere where the staff builds one-on-one relationships with our customers as well as providing conveniences like free coffee and iPads with Wi-Fi. There also will be a coin counter, big screen TV, and area for customers to relax and enjoy their experience at the branch.
Are you ready to switch banks? Stop by and find out why Kinderhook Bank is your kind of bank.

L. Browe Asphalt Services Inc.
Albany | Saratoga | Chatham
www.broweasphalt.com; 479.1400
Brighten up your personal landscape with a beautiful new driveway. A carefully planned and expertly installed drive will make a dramatic change in your home’s curb appeal, providing a smooth, clean, welcoming entrance for family and friends.
The driveway is an extension of the home, a passage from the road to your front door, and if cracked, uneven, or broken apart, many other attributes of the home are diminished. Sometimes, the driveway is an afterthought, just a way to get the car out of the mud. A well-planned and crafted driveway will enhance the entire environment, and heighten the impact of all of those carefully made decisions.
A consultation with L. Browe Asphalt will yield a plan tailored to your needs for traffic flow, drainage and aesthetics. You may want to add a basketball area, room for your teenager’s car, extra wide flares at the roadway, or a spot for your RV. We enjoy customizing a plan for your requirements, and possibly make suggestions that you hadn’t considered.
Consider incorporating various design elements into the driveway as well, such as planting beds, concrete pavers, and ornamental stone applications. Ask us about a radiant heat system for a carefree winter!
L. Browe Asphalt Services Inc. is a family owned, second–generation business, specializing in driveways, parking lots, tennis courts and private roads—all built to last. Call or visit online to request a free estimate.
Landscape, Inc…
www.landscapeincorporated.com; 489.2341
Landscape, Inc… specializes in the design and installation of concrete paver patios, walkways and retaining walls. Having served the Capital Region since 1988, we have the knowledge and experience to make your outdoor living areas as useful and enjoyable as possible.
Landscape, Inc… can make over your dated landscape by creating and installing new patios, walkways, retaining walls, pillars, fire pits, built-in grills and outdoor kitchens. When we are finished, allow us to soften and beautify your improvement by adding plant beds with just the right shrubs, trees, flowers and grass.
Landscape, Inc… is I.C.P.I. (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute) certified and N.C.M.A. (National Concrete Masonry Association) certified, as well as being the area’s recommended Techo-Pro contractor by Techo-Bloc, Inc.
Landscape Inc… is dedicated in providing the guarantee of your satisfaction in our design, work and products.
Don’t trust your outdoor living area to just anyone. Call the Landscape, Inc… professionals for your free estimate and enjoy a lasting creation in your yard for years to come.

Lindsey’s Country Store
1537 Route 9, Clifton Park
www.lindseyscountrystore.com; 371.3100
 Lindsey’s Country Store has been serving tasty goodies to the Capital Region since 1988, and also offers a wide range of gift items. From garden stakes and solar lights to mailbox covers and wind chimes, Lindsey’s has the perfect touch to make your home stand out in any season. Decorating indoors? Stop by Lindsey’s to look through an assortment of welcome mats, sun catchers, decorative fans, wall hangings, and more. We also carry several varieties of candles and decorative holders, including a selection of American-made soy candles and melters.
Looking for something special for Mom? Lindsey’s women’s boutique includes dresses, tops, scarves, purses, jewelry, and more. Pick something out or get her a gift card so she can shop later. Pair it with chocolates, other Saratoga Sweets candies, or Lindsey’s famous homemade goodies. For any fan of Lindsey’s muffins, a custom gourmet gift basket is the perfect way to show you care.
All your favorite sweet breakfast and dessert treats are available year-round at Lindsey’s, including the famous muffins and apple cider donuts. In addition to the selection of pastries, cookies, and pies, Lindsey’s carries its own farm-raised beef and pork. An assortment of local food items is available, including honey made with local pollen—perfect for alleviating those seasonal allergies!
 The next time you’re in Clifton Park, stop by Lindsey’s for a hot cup of coffee and a fresh muffin, and pick up some chocolates for the road.

Patio Enclosures
8 Access Drive, Albany
www.patioenclosures.com; 269.4253
Love your home but need more usable and affordable, year-round or seasonal living space? Whether you are considering enclosing an existing space, like a porch or covered patio, or thinking about adding on a completely new space with abundant light and exceptional outdoor views, a Patio Enclosures® brand sun or screen room may be your ideal solution. For over 21 years, Patio Enclosures® brand sunrooms have been gracing the homes of Capital District residents. The majority of our customers tell us their sunroom is the favorite space in their homes.
The Patio Enclosures name is synonymous with expert craftsmanship and exceptional service. We provide the highest quality, custom-designed and custom-manufactured sun and screen rooms on the market because we manufacture the rooms we install with the highest quality and longest-lasting materials. Our rooms are tailored to meet your specific needs, budget and lifestyle.
We know that your project is unique, just like your home. That’s why we always begin with a free, no-obligation in-home project estimate. Our design consultant will assess your space, listen to your project ideas and develop a personalized plan. We want your project to comfortably fit your budget, yet exceed your expectations. In a world of cookie-cutter everything, our custom approach is personal service at its best.
With over 3,000 projects completed in the Capital District, Patio Enclosures has the references to back our claims of excellence. To learn more and to get inspired, visit www.patioenclosures.com or call 269.4253 today.

Pattersonville Furniture
1664 Main Street, Pattersonville
www.pattersonvillefurniture.net; 887.2741
Pattersonville Furniture Store has been delivering the finest furniture and quality customer service to the Capital Region for 79 years. This family-owned and operated business, located just west of Schenectady, has been helping customers with their furniture needs since 1936. The third-generation owners, Greg and Betsy Welsh, have kept the sales approach developed by the first-generation owners: “Great prices for quality furniture and personalized customer service.”
Pattersonville carries over 30 lines of American-made solid wood furniture, including Harden and Hallagan, both made in New York State. We have a large variety of Amish furniture from Pens Creek, Daniel’s Amish, Archbold and Borkholder, to name a few. Additionally, our showroom has items from Gat Creek, Durham, Leathercraft, Lyndon and Simmons Beautyrest, covering a variety of styles and solid woods. Stop by our showroom at 1664 Main Street in Pattersonville and see our quality products. Pattersonville Furniture Store offers free delivery, free set-up, free removal, and free financing. Open daily from 10am-5pm; Thursday and Friday until 9pm. Closed Sunday.

Redbud Development Inc.
2 Commerce Park Drive, Wilton
www.redbuddevelopment.com; 691.0428
What is the difference between a landscaper and a landscape design professional? Should the same person who tends your lawn be the same person who designs your new patio and outdoor kitchen? Not necessarily. As with all home improvement projects, choosing the right tool will make the job easier and save you time and, potentially, money.
As you start the spring cleanup and plan for outdoor improvements, remember that landscape design is more than simply achieving four-season color in your planting beds. A good landscape design professional should do two basic things when working for you. First, the design professional should ask questions (the right questions) and listen intently to your answers. Some of those questions should be: What do you like most about your property? What do you dislike? How do you want to spend time in the landscape? What is the goal? To relax? To play with kids? To entertain? How often do you entertain and usually for how many people? Second, the designer should look beyond the immediate areas of interest (pool, deck, patio, etc.) and  must consider the inside of the house and how it relates to the exterior, including the layout of the house, the traffic flows, the door and window locations, even the location of the restroom. All can impact the exterior design of your yard. Understanding both your lifestyle and your sense of style will result in a more pleasing and functional space.

Samascott’s Garden Market
65 Chatham Street (Rt. 9), Kinderhook
www.samascott.com; 758.9292
Samascott’s Garden Market is a family owned and operated business now in its fourth generation.  The Garden Market is a combination farmers’ market and garden center located only 20 miles south of Albany.  It is open year round, 7 days/week and overflows with annuals, perennials, seasonal produce, baked goods, local foods, and creamy, homemade hard ice cream.
Savor an ice cream cone while you browse over 15,000 square feet of flower-packed greenhouses in addition to the 4,000 square foot retail store.  Coolers are stocked with traditional and organic fruits and veggies from local farms in-season.  You will also find dozens of fresh, local cheeses, yogurt, milk, honey and maple syrup – everything you would expect at a farm stand, and more!
In the fall don’t miss the 7-acre corn maze tucked behind the store!  It is open weekends in September and October and entrants have a chance to win free ice cream.
While you are in Kinderhook this summer, be sure to visit Samascott Orchards – the farming side of the family business which spans 1,000 acres. With 200 acres of pick-your-own crops, it is the largest in the county. The Orchard is open for pick-your-own fruits and vegetables from June through October.  There is a farm store open during PYO season with fruits and vegetables harvested that morning alongside fresh-pressed apple cider and cider donuts.
For more info and to sign up for our newsletter, visit www.samascott.com.


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