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Ready for the snow?
Winterizing tips from the pros to prep and protect your home and belongings
By Rachel Spensieri

The leaves are changing colors. Acorns litter the ground. It’s apple-picking season, and the intoxicating scent of cider doughnuts wafts through the air. Fall has arrived in upstate New York! But lest you need a reminder that snowy weather is lurking around the corner, just take a look at those “NO PARKING Nov. 1-Apr. 1” street signs. Tick, tick, tick—the deadline for winterizing your home or business is fast-approaching.
But what are the must-dos when it comes to preparing for an upstate-caliber winter? Bill Eddy, co-owner of Saratoga Quality Hardware and Jay Russell, owner of Russell Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Clifton Park offer some expert advice on several essential tasks that must be completed to keep your home’s systems running properly and to protect your house and possessions from winter damage.
Prepare for snow and ice removal
The first time the weather reporters call for wintery weather, you can bet there will be a run on stores for those essential items. No, not bread and milk. Shovels and salt! That’s why Saratoga Quality Hardware’s Bill Eddy recommends doing an inventory of your necessary provisions before there is the threat of bad weather. “Get out in front of what you need to maintain your sidewalks, drive, and vehicles,” suggests Eddy. “Get ice melter, shovels, and ice scrapers lined up so you have them when the time comes.”
It is also a good idea to ensure your snowblower or plow is it good working order before those first snowflakes. If needed, make an appointment to have equipment tuned up this fall. And be sure you have a full tank of gas ready to go.
Winterize lawn equipment
While you are in the garage assessing your snow removal equipment, it also is important to protect your lawn tools and prepare to store them during the winter months. “When you put away your lawnmower, weed-whacker, chain saw, or other gas-powered tools, it is wise to use a winterizing gas additive [like Stabil],” advises Eddy. “Pour the additive into an almost-full tank of gas, and then run the machine for 10 minutes to protect the motor from getting gummed up over the winter.”
Prep your heating system
The first thing most people think about when it comes to preparing for cold temperatures is how they will stay warm. It is advisable to be sure your heating system is in good working order before the temperatures drop. “Start up your heating system early,” says Jay Russell of Russell Heating & Cooling, “and call to schedule an appointment for your annual system inspection and cleaning. This will prevent unnecessary surprises and also will ensure your heat is running efficiently and safely.”
And while it might be tempting to switch off that air conditioner and forget about it until the spring warm-up, there is one more important step that you should take: “Be sure to cover your outside A/C condenser unit,” advises Russell. “You can purchase a manufacturer’s cover, which leaves the bottom three inches open for ventilation, or you can simply place plywood over the top of the unit to keep the elements from getting in.”
Seal windows and doors
When temperatures dip into the teens or lower, not even your home’s windows and doors can always keep out the cold. But there are several products that can at least help to seal out frigid winter wind. “Especially for older homes that are less energy-efficient, it can be useful to put sealable plastic over windows or unused doors,” says Eddy. “These sealants will reduce air movement, and they can be especially helpful along a couch or next to a bed.”
Buildings’ doors are another “problem area” when it comes to cold air infiltration. “Adding some additional weather stripping along the bottom of doors can be a big help, and there also are some products available to reduce drafts along the doorstop,” Eddy suggests.
Protect plumbing
As the mercury drops, it’s time to put away those garden hoses. Disconnect hoses from outside faucets and store them out of the elements to prevent the rubber from cracking. “If there is a shut-off valve inside for the hose bib, be sure to turn it off to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting,” notes Russell.
Another building maintenance item that is good to check-off of your list while you are doing winter upkeep:  drain 5-6 gallons of water from the valve at the bottom of your water heater. “This is an important step to remove sediment from the bottom of the unit,” says Russell. “It’s a simple task, but it can greatly improve your water heater’s efficiency.”
Prepare for power outages
If this winter turns out to be anything like the past two, the Capital Region should be prepared to endure deadly cold temperatures and yard-upon-yard of snow. And with such bitter cold and copious snow and ice, we also must prepare for potential power outages. “If there is an ice storm in the forecast, you must anticipate the worst and think ahead for not only water and food, but also for a heat source,” notes Eddy. “Propane heaters are one option, but their tanks must be stored outside, so a kerosene heater may be a better option since their tanks can safely be kept indoors.”
For the elderly or people with compromised health, it may be worth investing in a portable generator to ensure their homes maintain a power source. “In most buildings, a 5000- to 5500-watt generator will keep the lights on and the furnace running,” says Eddy. “A standby generator is a more expensive option, but it automatically kicks on when the power goes out, which is a nice convenience.” Eddy does note that, in addition to the cost of the generator unit, you will need an electrician to safely install the system.
Eddy offers a few additional tips in case a severe winter storm is forecast: “Be sure you have gas in the car, and consider keeping some hand and foot warmers in your glove box; they are great for emergencies.”


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To save you time, follow this advice on what you should do around the house to make sure your home is ready for winter.
Have your furnace or boiler professionally serviced. That includes cleaning and checking the supply lines, furnace ducts, filters, and thermostat. If you have a fireplace, have your chimney cleaned to remove any creosote build-up. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to be sure they’re working properly. Install fresh batteries. Trim any tree branches overhanging your roof as well as those that are close to electric and utility wires. Gather the phone numbers of your utility companies as well as your heating company. Store them near your telephone or tape them inside your phone book.
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Fall is the perfect time to re-seed your lawn or plant new trees and shrubs. Not too hot, not too cold. With the dry summer we just had and the very cold temperatures in the forecast for winter, now is also the time that you should be giving your trees some extra water to help them survive the harsh winter weather. Just as you wrap delicate bushes, giving your trees, especially the younger ones whose roots are not well established, extra doses of water will help them to prepare for the worst. Put the hose on a slow trickle and give each tree 30 minutes or so every few days. They will thank you in the spring.


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