Best days in November 2015: 9th, 10th, 11th and 17th.
Begin a diet on November 25th.

Aries: (March 21 to April 20)
Partners’ resources, breaking habits and abstract teachings are highlighted for this month. After the 18th, you can begin to evaluate your life on a spiritual basis. You seek workshops or retreats as your interests begin to increase. Toward the end of the month, you may be asked to take part in a community project or event.

Taurus: (April 21 to May 20)
Conquering competition, forming relationships and consulting professionals are the focus for this month. Following the 18th, you meet new friends who share the same ideals that you do and you are able to offer each other moral support. After the 25th of the month, you examine your saving and spending habits and will make any changes.

Gemini : (May 21 to June 20)
Solving problems, serving others and self-improvement are favored for this month. After the 18th, you have a clearer picture of where you want to go in your career, or the equivalent, and why. You should work in the spirit of helping others. Following the 25th, you take a new interest in your appearance and revise some daily habits.

Cancer: (June 21 to July 22)
Creative abilities, speculative ventures and joys of life are important for this month. Following the 18th, you search for the answers as to what you can do to help others and the universe in spiritual and mystical teachings. Classes and workshops are inviting. Toward the end of the month, you want a feeling of increased spiritual attunement.

Leo: (July 23 to August 22)
Home-front activity, searching for self and family ancestry are the focus for this month. After the 18th, misunderstandings over shared assets and moneys can be resolved. You will have an interest in abstract and new-age teachings. Following the 25th, you examine your achievements in life and adjust your goals accordingly.

Virgo: (August 23 to September 22)
Neglected education, sibling relationships and mental pursuits are explored for this month.  Following the 18th, your communications in one-to-one relationships should be presented with clarity to avoid any misunderstandings or even confusion. After the 25th, your career or the equivalent will take priority as you readjust your goals.

Libra: (September 23 to October 22)
Financial decisions, using assets and earning money are important for this month. After the 18th, you seek ways to improve your health through diet and exercise. Do not abstain from certain types of food without carefully watching the effects. Toward the end of the month, you reconsider intellectual studies and foreign travel.

Scorpio: (October 23 to November 21)
Personal potential, self-expression and your self-image are favored for this month. Following the 18th, you want relationships that are romantic and meet with your expectations, but you also require the same qualifications as you seek. Following the 25th, it is a time to pay off old debts and commitments to everyone’s satisfaction.

Sagittarius: (November 22 to December 21)
    Spiritual resources, solving problems and moving forward are explored for this month. After the 18th, you concentrate on your home and personal life. You also may become interested in spiritual subjects as you begin to heal your inner self. After the 25th, your one-to-one relationships are better with compromise and understanding.

Capricorn: (December 22 to January 19)
Hopes and wishes, group associations and setting goals are the focus for this month. Following the 18th, it is easier for you to see the facts in all communications. There may be an increased interest in finding the truths in spiritual beliefs. Following the 25th, you can improve your health and its care through diet and exercise.

Aquarius: (January 20 to February 18) 
The career world, spiritual mission and social status are important for this month. After the 18th, read all agreements and contracts carefully before signing them. Use care in the handling of your personal money, assets and possessions. Toward the end of the month, you become involved in hobbies or projects with loved ones.

Pisces: (February 19 to March 20)
Universal mysteries, philosophy on life and acquiring knowledge are explored for this month. Following the 18th, your self-understanding is somewhat easier, but there can still be some questions. Always seek out the truth and act on that basis. After the 25th, you will improve home life through resolving old matters and situations.
Arlene is an author, astrologer and para-consultant and has studied and worked with astrology for more than 35 years.


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