How to use social media to find deals this holiday season


Holiday season is arriving fast! Soon the stores will be swamped with consumers looking and competing for the best deals. But you don’t have to go out to the brick-and-mortar store any more to get the best discounts. Social media has become an avenue for businesses to promote and offer money-saving deals. So what’s the best way for you to gain access to these awesome discounts and promotions?
Follow the brands you love – The first thing you should do is follow the brands you love on social media. Many stores will post deals of the day or week to their followers. Staying up to date on their posts will keep you in the loop for when the best deals hit. More than ever, businesses want to make engaging with their pages worth your while. Be on the lookout for discount codes or offers that stores will post to show they care about their followers.
Watch hashtags – Pay attention to each store’s holiday hashtags. Most businesses will create a couple holiday hashtags. If you find yourself having a hard time keeping up with these posts or you find yourself searching for the same hashtag over and over, here’s a tip: You can save searches on Twitter.
Just type the hashtag or phrase into your search bar. Once the page loads, click on the “More Options” tab at the top of the page. The menu that drops down will include the option to “Save this search.” When you do, it will appear that nothing has happened, but if you select the search bar again you’ll see that under the suggested searches menu that appears will be a “Saved Searches” list and your hashtag will be right there.
Create a list – If you want to keep all your holiday social shopping in one feed, another great option on Twitter is to create a list. You can add the stores/brands that you follow for your new “holiday shopping” list and all of their tweets will appear in that feed. This way you won’t live in fear of missing a key deal in the trenches of your timeline.
Also be sure to use those hashtags! Often stores will respond to consumers online with deals if they see them using their holiday hashtags.
Contact stores – During the holiday season it is extremely important for stores to connect with consumers. They are competing for your business and want to form a relationship with you. This makes them very likely to respond to any posts or messages you send them. Ask them about products you’re interested in or flat out ask for discounts. Stores are looking to help you and gain your trust, so reach out.
Seek out contests – Be on the look-out for contests as well. This is another way stores are trying to engage consumers during the holiday season. Often times you’ll find sweepstakes on Instagram or Facebook that offer great deals and prizes for participants and winners. Plus they are fun! Challenge your friends to participate as well. This will make the contest even more fun and you’re likely to follow through to the end just to beat your friends.
Remember, you don’t have to comb the paper ads anymore to get the best deals. Much of any stores’ promotional strategies will be to push out discounts through social media. You’re even likely to find deals only on social media or specific discounts for yourself if you just ask. Happy shopping!
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