Locally Owned Businesses


Delmar Health and Fitness
28 Hudson Avenue, Delmar
813.4475; www.delmarhealthandfitness.com

Owner: Mike Mashuta
Tell us about your business.: Barely one year old, Delmar Health and Fitness has selected the best new, state-of-the-art equipment to benefit core stabilization and ease-of-use. All of the treadmills, arc trainers, ellipticals, recumbent and upright bikes contain personal viewing screens with cable television. We are one of the few clubs with Precor’s new adaptive motion trainers. The club is not overcrowded; it’s clean, with a non-intimidating atmosphere. We take great pride in coaching, training, and assisting our members to accomplish their goals. Our hours are 5am to 10 pm Monday – Friday; 7am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday.
What drives you each and every day for your best for your business ?  
I am driven to keep the club prospering so the members can continue their success and  to achieve business stability so my excellent staff can be rewarded for their hard work, dedication and effort. Profitability affords us the pleasure of giving back to the community.
What does the future business climate look like for you?
The future has never been brighter. Now, exercise is directly correlated to a greater sense of well-being and health. Individuals of all ages have recognized the benefits of exercise. Larger demographic interests with varied needs are allowing us to be challenged and grow. For example, some train to improve an injured area, get better proprioception (balance) or flexibility. More people than ever are experiencing a "feel great euphoria" that comes from endorphin activation and the sense of accomplishment through exercise.


Stampede Logistics Group, LLC
PO Box 247, Fort Edward
747.2000; www.StampedeLogistics.com

Owner: Michael Gorham
Describe your business with a brief history: Stampede Logistics Group, LLC, is a broker specializing in LTL/Truckload freight. With over 20 years of transportation experience, we are under contract with over 600 carriers in the 48 continental states. Our goal is to match our clients’ needs to our carriers’ strengths. In today’s transportation environment, a company has to be flexible and innovative. Our philosophy is you are only as good as the clients and carriers you have partnered with. We have 24-hour support.
What drives you each and every day for your best for your business?  
I strive to be the best in the business.  I hold on to clients for years because of hard work and dedication to them.
What does the future business climate look like for you?
I am always optimistic about the future. We continue to work to gain new clients and watch those relationships grow. There is always a need for shipping and receiving. With the rate Upstate New York is growing, there is a lot of potential for growth in my business.
How do you spell RELAX? How do you unwind?
My wife and I have been boating on Lake George for years, and I look forward to that every summer. My son and I enjoy golf and play whenever we can. Though I am on-call 24-7, I manage to find time to unwind and enjoy my family.


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