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At 23, Matthew Fraser is an internationally renowned psychic/medium, author of The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability and perhaps the closet comparison to the young character in the movie, The Sixth Sense who whispers, “I see dead people.”
The medium’s Inheritance of talent
Like many other mediums, when he was young, some of Matt’s family realized that the special psychic talents of both his maternal grandmother and mother were passed along to him.  At just the age of four, Matt began seeing and hearing the departed in his bedroom at night and this understandably frightened him. He kept the ability quiet, although his maternal grandmother always knew.
Now a devoted fan of Matt and his ability, his maternal grandfather always ignored the physic ability of his wife, Matt’s grandmother. In the 50s and 60s, grandmom would sit with tarot cards on a family table and shoo away her husband, telling him to “mind your own business.” He did just that, never really acknowledging what was going on. Years later, when his grandfather saw Matt becoming quite famous, he asked, “What exactly do you do?” Now he is at many of Matt’s events and Matt describes him as the family comedian at 85.
Sharing time with Matt, whether on the phone or in person, is like walking into a swirling pot of great energy.  Matt smiles constantly and speaks with his heavy Boston accent at a high rate of speed. Certainly gifted, he appreciates and is quite grateful for this gift now as an adult. Matt shows a generous and genuine ability and unwavering grace as he communicates with passed loved ones and interprets what he is seeing.
There is no doubt that Matt likes to help people. He once served as an Emergency Medical Technician in the City of Boston, but was still keeping his gift a secret at that point. The fear of non-acceptance is very strong for most of us and Matt was no exception. He now knows that his ability is his life’s mission now. The help he can provide those who seek him out far exceeds his early expectations and his celebrity is gratifying to him. Matt is one of the world’s most respected psychics at his very young age because his drive and ability come from a good source with only good intentions.
Matt has answered thousands of questioning family members with loved ones who have passed and seek closure. He also has been a sought-after guest on major media like CBS Radio, Fox News, Coast to Coast, The Herald News, NBC News and more.

Matt’s messages from crossed over loved ones

Matt’s message to us is that our loved ones who have passed want to see that we are having the best life we can have while here on earth. They want us to heal from their passing, no matter how they left this life. They come to him to pass peace and closure on to us so that in many cases we can heal. Our passed loved ones want us to know they are still around us.
When my phone interview was coming to an end, Matt asked me if my father had passed some time ago.  I said yes, many years ago.  He then proceeded to laugh and describe my father as stepping up and grabbing his attention, telling him that he was “really good looking when we was younger.” Could this be your father, he laughed?  Oh yes, I stated, and it is and the perfect way for him to introduce himself to get your attention. I explained that he always described himself jokingly as a Roman GOD when he wanted to tease, often striking a pose to illustrate how handsome he was (and he was).
During the next 15 minutes, he warmly interpreted what he was hearing from my dad. Wishing me a happy birthday which was days away, he added that it was a big one! He then commented that he liked my new “station wagon,” which was hysterical.  A few days before my interview with Matt, I picked up my new Subaru Outback.  Driving out of the car lot, I mentioned to my husband that my father would have called this a station wagon rather than a SUV.  The impromptu reading via the phone was amazingly accurate, poignant, and often funny. I was left stunned by this reunion with my father.
Today, Matt is not only persistent in his mission to share his gift with others, but also to provide assistance when needed for his community. Matt sits on the Board of Directors of Forever Paws Animal Shelter and The National Cultural Diversity Awareness Council, two nonprofit organizations in New England.




We’ve been chatting with mediums and psychics in the Capital Region – Tracy Fluty, Sandy Menzer and Marci Ross. We learned about the impact they have had, some memorable moments, tools in readings, and who is in inspiration in their field. Read more about their work in conducting classes, workshops, message circles and presentations, as well as upcoming area appearances at

Tracy Fluty

Nationally Certified Intuitive-Medium

Is there one reading that stands out to you as so impactful it may have altered the person’s life?
In a reading with a teenage female, her grandmother came through to warn her about the trail in the woods she and another friend would cut through on their way to a ball field. The grandmother gave me the names and descriptions of two young men, who were trouble and frequented that trail and advised, "Don’t go that way at all this summer, especially this October.” It turned out that in October those two men were arrested for the attempted rape of a minor on that trail. I love the way our loved ones continue to guide and watch over us and try to keep us safe.
Can you share a funny story about a departed loved one coming through that was comical?
Oftentimes, those coming through in a sitting will give me the names of their loved ones they are with in heaven and details about the living families’ current activities being observed by their departed loved ones. Once, with a large Italian family, the deceased mother came through with the following icebreaker: "I cannot believe Mary Angeline brought her dried out chicken and garlic over to the house after my wake!" The room exploded in laughter. "Yes," the daughter next to me chuckled, "that’s our mom"!
Can you tell a story about being contacted by a departed soul at an inopportune time?
I had just finished reading for a woman whose husband had suddenly passed away. Being college sweethearts, married over 42 years, naturally his loss was devastating. During the reading he gave very specific memories they shared that were special to him and she was overjoyed at moments he took with him to heaven. What a gentleman. Afterward, I was in the middle of an overdue potty break when suddenly the husband came into the bathroom and stood over me to thank me repeatedly for the reading. When he realized I was uncomfortable, he left as quickly as he came.

Sandy Menzer

Certified Tarot Card Reader

Is there one reading that stands out to you as so impactful it may have altered the person’s life?
I read for a single woman in her 30s with a young son 4 who was looking for a good man to marry. I was told they would meet in Chicago and saw her at a hotel, work travel, not expecting something or made up. It was described as love a first sight. He said he had child, as well. It all played out. They asked me to marry them! They are now married 5 years.
Who do you admire in your field of expertise?
I admire the LI Medium, Theresa Caputo, as I believe she is a pioneer for many of us in this work in opening up in public that we are professional psychics without fear of what others may judge. She’s making a BIG difference by healing many through her medium abilities. I love that she made it public via TV. She’s also a big personality and makes it humorous when possible— her other way of healing others.
What tools of your gift do you use to do a reading?
I use the tarot cards, astrology and a touch of numerology as all help me receive answers for details and accuracy of messages I deliver.

Marci Ross

Certified Angel Reader

Is there one reading that stands out to you as so impactful it may have altered the person’s life?
 While reading for a gentleman who had just lost his job, his deceased uncle popped in immediately with this message: “You must now start your own business. You will do something very creative that is quite unique and will bring you much happiness and success.  You already have the tools. Just do it!" Fast forward five years: My client is now managing his own vegetable pickling business, which has doubled in size for the past three years, using an old family Greek recipe.
Who do you admire in your field of expertise?
I have total admiration for Doreen Virtue, a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. After growing up with a "knowing" that I had a gift of psychic awareness, it has been my pleasure to be able to strengthen that gift through her course of study, which has allowed me to tap into a dialogue with God and one’s personal Guardian Angels. 
What tools of your gift do you use to do a reading?
 As a Medium and Certified Angel Practitioner, I begin by tapping into one’s personal Spirit guides and Angel guides for Divine guidance. I will generally use the Tarot for additional direction, as well as magnified healing energy, if needed, to do a quick clearing of negative things past. No reading is ever complete without the use of Doreen’s Angel Healing cards, with personal interpretations to complete your day.


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