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These days, time is a precious commodity. Now that eating on the run has become the norm, it’s often hard for us to make healthy choices. Try some of the tips below when you’re in search of a healthy meal or snack idea but don’t have time to plan ahead.

  • Keep healthy snacks handy to prevent going long periods without eating.  When you’re “starving”, you are more likely to make an unhealthy choice.  Stock your desk, car and briefcase or purse with snacks like whole grain granola bars, fresh or dried fruit, whole grain crackers, whole grain cereal and nuts like almonds or peanuts. At work, stock the fridge with low fat yogurt, low-fat string cheese and fresh fruit.
  • In the beginning of the week, bring lunch items like low-fat cold cuts, canned tuna fish or chicken, low–fat dressing, whole grain bread and low fat cheese for quick sandwich ideas.

No plans for dinner, no worries.  Here are a few ideas:

  • No time to cook?  Pick up a rotisserie chicken breast.  Be sure to peel off the skin, then pair with instant whole grain brown rice and your favorite frozen veggies for a dinner in minutes.
  • Build a meal around your greens.  Top bagged salad with sliced rotisserie chicken breast, fresh sliced strawberries, a few almonds and low-fat balsamic dressing.  Pair with a whole grain roll.
  • Fire up the grill for quick and delicious meals.  Try turkey burgers, veggie burgers, or beef burgers made from extra lean ground beef.  Pair with corn on the cob and a baked potato.

Check out the recipe below for a dinner idea tonight.

Peach-Chipotle Chicken Kabobs

Prep time: 20 minutes*   Cook time: 10 minutes    *marinate time extra

1/3 cup ShopRite Southwest Marinade
3 tbsp. peach preserves
¾ lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into
1 1/2-inch pieces
2 small zucchini, sliced into 1/2-inch rounds
1 large red bell pepper, cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces
2 large peaches, sliced into 1/2-inch thick pieces
2 cups cooked brown rice


  1. In a small bowl combine marinade and preserves; pour into a large plastic resealable bag. Add chicken; seal bag and turn to coat. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes
  2. Coat grill rack with non-stick cooking spray. Preheat grill to medium (300°F to 350°F). Remove chicken from marinade; discard marinade. Thread onto 8 skewers, alternating zucchini, chicken, bell pepper and peaches.†
  3. Grill skewers, covered, 4 to 5 minutes per side or until vegetables are crisp-tender and instant-read thermometer registers 165°F. Serve over brown rice.

Note: If desired, triple the amount of the marinade and preserves, and reserve 1 cup to use as a dipping sauce.

If using wooden skewers, soak at least 30 minutes before grilling to prevent burning.

Serves 4
Per serving: 306 calories, 40g carbohydrate, 28g protein, 3g fiber, 4g fat, 4g saturated fat, 66mg cholesterol, 360mg sodium.

Kid’s Corner

Grab n’ go fuel for kids

When you have a young athlete at home it can be a tricky task to fit in time for healthy meals and snacks with their practice and game schedules.  Sometimes, you might find you are eating on the run.  Preparing grab-and-go options ahead of time can make all the difference.

When to fuel?

  1.  Make sure your child arrives to practice or a game well fed.  Two to four hours before activity is a good time for a well-balanced meal.  If you can’t fit in time for a meal, offer a smaller, healthy snack.
  2. During practice or a game, your child may need to consume some carbohydrates, especially if the activity lasts for more than an hour or if they did not eat anything prior to the event. During the activity, have them sip on about 6-8 ounces of a sports drink that contains about 15 grams of carbohydrate per 8 ounce serving:
  • Gatorade 14g carbohydrate per 8 ounces
  • Powerade 15g carbohydrate per 8 ounces
  • Vitamin Water 13g carbohydrate per 8 ounces
  • VitaCoCo 11g carbohydrate per 8 ounces (coconut water unflavored)   

       3.After a game or practice, give your child a small snack or meal to help them “recover” or replenish the nutrients used during exercise. 

Grab n’ go fuel ideas
All kids need adequate calories for proper growth and development, but young athletes may require even more.  Small, frequent meals and snacks that include a combination of carbohydrates and protein can help them meet their calorie needs and give them energy to fuel their activity.  Here are some ideas:
Pre-game meals and snacks:  2-4 hours prior to a game, practice or activity

  • Spread low-fat cottage cheese on a whole grain English muffin and drizzle with 1 teaspoon honey.
  • Fill a whole-wheat sandwich thin with lean ham, turkey or chicken.  Top with hummus and thinly sliced carrot chips for extra crunch. 
  • Spread almond butter and reduced-sugar strawberry jelly on a whole-wheat wrap.  Place half of a banana in the wrap and roll until banana is completely covered. 
  • Prepare canned tuna fish with light mayonnaise and serve with whole-grain crackers.

Recovery meals and snacks: 30 minutes after game, practice or activity

  • 8 ounces low-fat chocolate milk.  Serve with whole-grain crackers topped with natural peanut butter
  • Fat free Greek yogurt with whole-grain cereal for a crunchy topping
  • Trail mix. Combine whole grain cereal, almonds, walnuts, whole grain pretzels and dried fruit to make a homemade trail mix.
  • Low-fat string cheese with sliced apples and pears

For more healthy eating tips and recipe ideas, visit us at or visit your in-store dietitian to help you put a plan in place. no
Sarada Bernstein MPH, RD is a Corporate Dietitian for ShopRite Supermarkets.

ShopRite of Niskayuna – Sarah Ender MS, RD – 491.0050
ShopRite of Albany – Adrian Allen RD – 708.3445
ShopRite of Colonie – Amy Imler RD – 598.4970
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