Given the theme of the November issue, let’s kick off the new season by stating the obvious—we don’t want another winter like last winter.
Ironically, even though we are in the business of talking about enjoying winter sports, and hence, we need winter conditions, there were weeks that went over the top on that concept. And not to harp on it, but the Farmer’s Almanac—if you put any credence in its forecasting— is calling for another such winter in the Northeast.
Dress for conditions
Who’s to really say, other than we need to be ready because we do want to hit the slopes of our favorite resorts and enjoy ourselves. We need the clothing to fight that battle. As ski and ride resorts open this month, your reporter went to several experts in the field to guide us.
“For many of the polar explorers we cover, they don’t fully come alive until the temperatures drop well below freezing,” said Jeff Blumenfeld, editor of and a Fellow of The Explorers Club, based in Boulder, Colorado. “They report keeping all exposed skin covered, protecting their eyes from wind, and layering clothes on and off depending upon their activity level. For me, as the weather drops, I just pile on the layers, making sure to avoid any fabric that absorbs moisture, such as cotton, which should be avoided at all costs.”
One of the outstanding insulator products on the market to take in the cold is CW-X, which offers a variety of base layers to give you the foundation for a warm day. “The irony in dressing for cold weather activities is that it’s important not to overheat,” said John L.A. Wilson, President and COO of Wacoal Sports Science Corp., makers of CW-X. “The products all provide targeted support to muscles and joints for performance and recovery and are tuned to an optimal temperature range. This alleviates the risk of sweating in cold weather and experiencing swings in temperature.” The CW-X brand is warm and lightweight, and worn in competition by the U.S. Telemark Ski Team, headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the U.S. Luge Team, based in Lake Placid.
Now that we have addressed the appropriate undergarments, Blumenfeld has more advice on other basic cold weather needs. “Consider mittens instead of gloves, a shell on the outside to block wind, a neck gaiter, and wear a lining beneath your ski helmet,” he added. “It all makes a difference. And a soft fleece patch on your mittens is always a good idea as a handkerchief of sorts.”
Get in shape
While you await the first runs of the season, make sure to get outside and get the body acclimated to the physical activity of skiing and boarding. Some stretching, walking and jogging, based on your personal condition, will help you get through those initial days on the hill.
Albany Ski and Snowboard Expo
As we speak of warming up, get ready for the coming season at the Albany Ski and Snowboard Expo November 6-8 in the Empire State Plaza. It will be complete with resort information from the top destinations in the Northeast and the West. Also, the expo has some of the best pre-season sales that you’ll find in snow country.
Finally, the best warm-up of all might come from lift ticket deals such as the one now being offered at Hunter Mountain in the Catskills. But to capitalize on an extraordinary pre-season special, including single-day and multi-day passes, you must purchase by November 15. Just log on to:


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