Spring into the season


Awaken your wardrobe with these fresh trends

Spring is here, and the colors of the crocuses, hyacinths, and tulips are in full bloom. Nature’s spring palette can lead many fashion designers to migrate towards shades of yellow, blue, and coral as well as the earth from which these beautiful buds grow.
Let’s jump into some spring fashion trends starting with nature’s necessity, earth tones.
Earth tones are a great classic and wearable trend. Look for beiges, sands, creams, and stone shades which are so elegant and classic. The neutral palette is an easy and wearable trend which will blend into your closet easily. If there was ever a trend to invest in, neutrals are it. Beige tones with black and white is always a polished look for any time of day or night. One look to try is a white v-neck t-shirt, a tan – just above the knee (aka duster or mid-length) lightweight cardigan sweater paired with black leggings. Add an animal print slip-on shoe with a gold necklace above the “V” in the shirt, and you have a classic and an on-trend look. Animal prints are still all the rage for spring so the shoes will pull the look all together.
Moving on from the earth tones, we have lots and lots of color. One of the many colors that are everywhere right now is yellow. This versatile color shows up from butter tones to bold and neon yellow. I have seen a lot of my Youtube fashionistas rocking neon yellow nails, which is a great way to incorporate the color without wearing it as clothing. A pale yellow jumpsuit with white heels or open-toed booties would be an adorable day outfit to meet friends for lunch or brunch. Slip on a navy blazer, and the look is complete.
Robins egg blue, dusty blue, and sage green colors are also trending for this spring. These colors are a great, classic look and most of us have something of this tone in our wardrobe.
Pantone’s color of the year is coral. This peachy color is great as a blouse paired with a white trouser. Add a scarf to fend off the potential spring chill, and you will look put together and definitely on trend.
Polka dots, a classic print, are in for spring. A lot of black and white, but also with splashes of color like blues and yellows are on the runways. A classic twist is to see polka dotted shirt dresses, pants, and even accessories. Putting a bold print over a curvy body looks so flattering and adds a lot of harmony. This is a great print to play and experiment with, mix a check with a polka dot in the same hue with white jeans and you have a cute day time look.
Vertically striped palazzo pants are everywhere in the stores right now and a great look for Spring into Summer. The vertical stripes are slimming, and the wide leg effect is great as well as comfortable. The fabrics are cotton, linen and soft rayons which adds a dressier feel. Try wearing a more fitted top with the flowey pants which will give a great comfortable silhouette.
Other throwbacks are crochet and tie-dye. The best way to experiment with these looks is as a beachie cover up or a sweater with a camisole underneath. A neutral tie-dye versus a bold color might be a good way to wear this look. Hmm…the 70’s never seem to go away from the fashion world fully.
Fringe is still going strong as well. 1920s flapper-style, full skirts in fringe are a great way to experiment. Shirts or vests with fringe are also still on trend as are accessories. Fringe earrings are always adorable and many times light on the lobes.
The romantic sleeve and bell sleeve continues to be on trend. These details can add a little femininity to your look. Included in this style are ruffles and ruching. If you are conscientious about your midsection, then this trend can help conceal the area.
Statement pearls are back in style; the layered baroque style is great from a necklace standpoint. Picture layering strands of pearls with a menswear blazer and a baby blue collared shirt. Also, pearl statement earrings, as well as pearl bracelet, are another great look for spring.
Dome jewelry is also on trend. Think of gold or silver dome rings, that have a good texture and if so inclined, layer them on your fingers, as many as you are comfortable with.
There are a lot of trends out right now but sticking with what you are comfortable in and what makes you feel good about yourself is the best; the everlasting trend on the planet. Enjoy a few of these trends and knowing that you already have some in your wardrobe is that much more satisfying.
Luann is a lifelong curator of fashion and enjoys researching the latest trends and tips for all of our Capital Region Living readers. You can reach her at luann@crlmag.com.


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