Wardrobe essentials


Happy New Year! New year, a new season and lots of mark downs! Who doesn’t want to start the year out with a versatile wardrobe? The wardrobe essentials checklist hopefully does just that and might make your life a bit easier, which I think we can all use a bit of easy. Since we are in post holiday mode, this is a great time to shop for all the sales for your wardrobe essentials. This list includes items you can mix and match by category for this chilly season.

Tops and Sweaters
o Black and white camisoles
o Black and white long sleeve tees
o Two great quality sweaters for layering
o One black turtleneck or knit top sweater
o One cardigan (hip length)
o White or ivory blouse or button down
o Two solid colored blouses
o Chambray shirt (light blue denim shirt)

Bottoms and Dresses
o Dark wash skinny jeans
o Dark wash boot cut or flared jeans
o Flattering black pants (wide leg)
o Black ankle pants, tapered
o Black leggings oBlack skirt (a silhouette that flatters your body type)
o Black denim jeans
o Two versatile and body flattering black dresses

Boots and shoes
o Black pumps
o Black booties
o Black or honey brown knee-high boots
o Ballet flats
o Snow boots
o Rain boots
o Statement shoes
o Metallic or black evening shoes

Outerwear and bags
o Perfect black blazer (1 button, hip length)
o Black or tan trench coat
o Black or camel wool coat
o Black puffer coat
o Leather jacket
o Black or metallic clutch (day to night)
o Black or honey brown cross body bag
o Black or honey brown shoulder bag

o Black and nude strapless bra
o Black and nude smooth bras
o Black and nude skirt slip
o Nude thigh shaper, like Spanx
o Black opaque stockings
o Black patterned tights/stockings And last but not least, also the best way to style your outfits…accessories:

o Warm scarf and silky dressy scarf
o Neutral gloves and hat
o Everyday gold and silver necklace (long and short)
o Everyday gold and silver bracelet
o Everyday gold and silver earrings
o Everyday gold and silver ring
o Black and brown sunglasses oReversible belt
Hopefully, this checklist gives you some ideas the next time you need to shop, or you find that great sale item which also happens to be a basic, win-win! Happy shopping!!

—Luann Conlon


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