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Who should administer my injectables?
Choosing your injectable provider can seem overwhelming. Everyone from dentists to podiatrists and gynecologists are administering injectables like Botox® Cosmetic. When you are deciding who is best qualified, keep in mind that only a plastic surgeon spends years of additional training focused on surgically reconstructing and rejuvenating the appearance of the face. Performing procedures such as a facelift or eye lift requires technical skill, artistry, and knowledge of facial anatomy. So a plastic surgeon’s experience with facial beauty and aesthetics can dramatically enhance the results of your injectable treatment.
Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC offers a wide range of surgical procedures designed to minimize the signs of aging. While cosmetic surgery can provide beautiful results, injectables can often be an effective beauty alternative for those with mild to moderate aging concerns. Injectables can be a highly beneficial beauty treatment option when used as a preventative measure, treating the first sign of wrinkles, fine lines, or loose skin. Starting injectables at a younger age prevents the development of permanent resting frown lines. 
An ExpertInjector™, like Dr. Yarinsky, is specially endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and New Beauty Magazine as a quality provider for injectables. Visit www.expertinjector.org to confirm that Dr. Yarinsky is the only expert injector listed in the Capital District region and Upstate New York. Before your next treatment, research your provider’s knowledge and familiarity with facial anatomy and injectable safety before you make a decision. For more information about injectables and to schedule a consultation, please call us today.

Advanced Audiology Services
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The road to hearing better begins with a positive decision on one’s part to take action. It’s hard to believe, but it takes the average person seven years from learning that one has a hearing loss to acquiring hearing instruments to hear better. Due to recent developments in digital technology, present day hearing instruments offer more help than ever, particularly in those challenging listening environments that once were bad news for anyone wearing hearing devices, e.g., the wedding reception or the church social event. 
Hearing instruments have changed so much. They not only perform better, they no longer look the way they used to. Today’s instruments are smaller, stylish and comfortable to wear.  Even those that are worn over the ear are often hard to detect.
 Now hearing instruments can keep one wirelessly connected to sound coming from various sources. Such devices utilize wireless technology to communicate with each other. This can provide the listener with a more complete acoustic picture of the environment and enable easier and faster volume and listening program changes. With wireless technology, hearing instruments can be used as a headset with the telephone, TV, personal music player, or any other audio source. Hearing instruments used in conjunction with companion microphone-transmitters can greatly improve one’s ability to listen more effectively in the car, a noisy restaurant or at a meeting or lecture.          
Remember, today’s hearing instruments are more effective than ever and can help maintain important activities and relationships and foster a greater sense of belonging.
Written by Robert Ferguson himself.

Christopher Brian Salon
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 Many of us don’t think twice about where we part our hair; we simply part it where we have always done so. You might be surprised at how much you can alter your look with such a simple change.
A center part, often considered the most difficult part to pull off, works best on elongated face shapes because it adds fullness to the face. At Christopher Brian Salon, we use Bumble & Bumble Repair BlowDry to create a soft, smooth blow-dry that is perfect for this parting. Similar to the center part is the off-center part, which moves it just slightly to the side of the center. This can be used to disguise any minor asymmetries in the facial structure.
Side parts are the most popular way to section hair. They can balance full faces and draw the attention to your best features and away from flaws. The classic, slight side part is a great way to add a bit of volume to the hair (for extra volume, we use Bumble’s Thickening Hairspray and DrySpun Finish applied to wet hair with a round brush blow-dry). The deep side-part is less conventional and originates beyond the outer arch of the eyebrows for a dramatic, glamorous look.
Uneven, messy partings can help hide regrowth or grown-out fringe. It creates a tousled, care-free look that is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. Try using Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray to enhance this look.

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Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy
Kelly Goldenberg, CNM
I am often asked, “What can I do to prepare for pregnancy?” As pregnancy, birth, and motherhood create physical and emotional demands on a woman, much can be done to prepare.  Besides the obvious of removing toxins such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, there are other steps to get ready for pregnancy. 
Eating healthy can set the stage for growing a healthy baby, as well as help with some common discomforts of pregnancy. The best way to do this is to eat “real food” and limit sugars (such as high fructose corn syrup) and processed foods.  Also, move your body.  Good activities include walking, swimming, yoga, dance, and resistance exercises.  Pick activities you enjoy so you are more likely to stick to it.
Stress management is crucial and often overlooked in our society.  While you cannot always control the stress, there are things you can do to manage your response to stressful situations.  Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and starting a gratitude journal are all excellent strategies. 
Finally, I cannot stress enough the importance of sleep.  During sleep, we build and repair tissues.  Establishing good sleep habits prior to pregnancy can help promote rest during pregnancy. Two simple ways to help encourage sleep include shutting down electronic devices 1-2 hours prior to bedtime and keeping your bedroom cool and dark. 
If you discover you are pregnant before having time to prepare, these strategies can be implemented at any time. It’s never too late! 

Oliva! Gourmet Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars
Stuyvesant Plaza, Clifton Park Center, Lenox MA

One of the speakers at the Olive Oil Tasting certification course that I completed was Dr. Mary Flynn, the creator of The Pink Ribbon Diet. Having a Research Dietician speak at an olive oil tasting seminar might seem an odd fit; however, those of us in the olive oil world know Dr. Flynn well. She has helped put Extra Virgin Olive Oil right where it belongs—as a power food, rich in antioxidants! Her book offers great recipes with powerful flavors that will help heal your body. It’s not only a “must read” for those with breast cancer, but also worth reading by all women wanting to eat right and prevent illness.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the basis of the Mediterranean Diet, a dietary staple for some of the world’s healthiest populations. EVOO is high in monounsaturated fats and contains vitamins E and K. True EVOO is loaded with antioxidants and contains powerful health benefits, including its ability to reduce heart disease, fight cancer, fight infectious disease, and manage diabetes. With olive oil, fresh is everything. If it’s not fresh, the health benefits are greatly reduced and the taste is almost non-existent. At Oliva!, we rotate our oils according to harvest season, ensuring that you get the freshest EVOO available.
Located in Stuyvesant Plaza, Clifton Park Center, and Lenox, MA, we offer over 50 selections of EVOOs and balsamic vinegars.  Stop in and let our staff help you select the perfect combination for your needs.

Capital District YMCA
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The Importance of Weight Bearing Activities for Women
Nancy Gildersleeve, Director of Healthy Living
Capital District YMCA
Exercise is vital for strong bones and muscles, at any age. Studies show that people who exercise on a regular basis are stronger and leaner than those who don’t. As we age, we lose bone mass and muscle strength. To combat this loss, weight bearing exercises need to be a critical part of your regular exercise routine.
Weight-bearing exercises are defined as any sustained activity you do against the force of gravity. High-impact or resistance workouts build bone density. Activities best for strong bones include running, jumping rope, walking up a flight of stairs, weight lifting, resistance training, dancing and hiking. Options with less weight-bearing benefit include walking, low-impact aerobics, and cardio machines such as stair climbers, rowers, and walking on a treadmill.
Women tend to avoid strength training due to a fear of becoming overly muscular. In reality, women have the ability to lift heavy weight, but because of high amounts of estrogen in their bodies, don’t increase lean muscles mass at the same rate as men.
Strength/resistance training is also a beneficial component of a weight loss program. Combined with cardiovascular activities, strength/resistance training can lead to gained confidence and a more fit and toned physique.
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that healthy adults perform strength training exercises at least twice per week, with 8-12 repetitions per exercise.  For more information, visit your local YMCA today.


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