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Capital District Wellness Management Services
1375 Washington Avenue, Suite G102, Albany
489.2628; www.weightlossalbanyny.com
How can you lose 2 inches or more of real fat in one hour? Capital District Wellness Management Services offers fat loss alternatives that allow you to target resistant areas of fat (belly, arms thighs, chin, back) with specific wavelengths of red light. Photonica is the only FDA-approved LED device for fat loss. There are no side effects, no pain, and no downtime. Results are immediate. A fat loss of 2 inches or more is typical in one session. Summer packages are available.

Capital District YMCA
Various locations www.cdymca.org
The Benefits of Having a Workout Partner Current studies show that having a training partner keeps you accountable and on track with your fitness goals. Before selecting your workout buddy, it’s important to identify someone with comparable fitness goals and common interests who has similar availability within their schedule for exercise. Having a reliable partner can be a strong motivator, offer invaluable support and provide a healthy level of competition. They can act as your coach, helping you run one more mile, push through a plateau, or sign up for an event you may not have done by yourself. Learn more about the Y at www.CDYMCA.org.

Dental Sleep Medicine of the Hudson Valley
2870 US Hwy 9, Valatie
610.8179; www.isleepismile.com
Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Are you having difficulty using your c-pap machine? We provide a comfortable alternative that helps treat your snoring and sleep apnea condition with a simple oral appliance. Oral Appliance Therapy is covered under most medical insurance plans including Medicare. Dr. David Starkman has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He has been practicing Dental Sleep Medicine since 2009 and is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. For more information including a complimentary consultation call 610.8179 or visit our website www.isleepismile.com.

Laberge Massage Therapy
204 Delaware Avenue, Delmar
577.5488; www.labergemassagetherapy.com
THANK YOU for voting Laberge Massage Therapy in the “Best of” for the fourth consecutive year. We specialize in helping you achieve your highest level of physical comfort and mobility. For example: • A professional woman finally feels playful with her children, free of headaches, shoulder and back pain from computer use • A former athlete feels 20 again, released from chronic pain radiating down the leg • Desk warriors feel more productive without nagging low-back pain • Teenagers increase athletic performance and overall comfort by correcting posture issues Please contact us if you feel this is the help you have been looking for.

Advanced Audiology Services
27 Lower Hudson Avenue, Green Island
270.5802; www.advancedaudiologysvcs.com
It can be quite daunting, not to mention frustrating, trying to make a decision about which hearing aid to buy.  This is where the services of the audiologist can be instrumental in achieving a successful outcome.  The audiologist’s role in selection is to guide and advise the consumer regarding options such as style and level of technology.  One should wind up with “the best hearing aid for me.” Carrying many brands does not necessarily translate into an advantage to the consumer.  More useful information might be the answer to “What kinds of results do you typically get from the hearing aids that you dispense?  Are your patients usually satisfied with the outcome?”

Myrtle Street Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.
59 Myrtle Street, Saratoga Springs
2105 Ellsworth Boulevard, Malta 587.2400;
Statistics show that 1 out of every 75 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their lifetime. With vague symptoms, no reliable screening tests, and high mortality rate, it is one of the most dreaded cancers women experience. News of lawsuits surrounding talcum powder use in increasing ovarian cancer risk only heightens our fears. Here are some facts you need to keep in mind: • Research on talc powder has unclear conclusions. Not all studies show a link, but as long as the controversy continues, limiting powder use may be best • Risk factors: Age over 40 years; BMI over 30; no full-term pregnancies before age 35; use of fertility drugs for more than 6 cycles. • Protective factors: Birth control pill use for 5 years, having a tubal ligation.

McGinnis Women’s Medical Care
24 Computer Drive West, Albany
689.7854; www.mcginniswomensmedicalcare.com
Women’s health issues are incredibly complex and women deserve medical care from professionals with experience, expertise and dedication. At McGinnis Women’s Medical Care, we go beyond the simple textbook answers and hurried approach to give each women individualized care in an independent private practice. Our clinicians bring years of experience and lifelong commitment to your reproductive care. Every woman is a unique person with her unique health concerns. We address these concerns in women of all ages and lifestyle with respect and competence. We are particularly proud of our skill in menopausal issues, postmenopausal life and sexuality.

Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa
220 North Road Milton
845.795.1310 www.buttermilkfallsinn.com
Located on the majestic Hudson River, Buttermilk Spa is the premier eco-friendly spa in New York State. This world-class day spa is situated on 70 acres of cascading lawns with winding streams and steps away from the Buttermilk Waterfalls. Buttermilk Spa concentrates on a green philosophy by only using products that are naturally crafted and plant-based in all of our massages, facials and body treatments. We are leading the trend back to a healthy and sustainable world by using solar and geothermal energy to heat our sauna, steam room and endless pool. Contact us today to book your extraordinary experience.

Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS, Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC
7 Wells Street, 3rd Floor, Saratoga Springs
583.4019; www.yarinsky.com
Introducing a New Procedure: ThermiVA, Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Reclaim your vaginal health. Restore your satisfaction. Revive your relationship. We are excited to introduce THERMIVa®, an impressive non-invasive new therapy to treat various feminine intimate problems, specifically as they relate to functional and aesthetic vaginal concerns. THERMIva treats the discomfort and dissatisfaction that results from normal aging, loss of collagen, and dryness, both externally and internally. The procedure creates softer, thicker and more lubricated vaginal mucosa and allows for nerve growth to enhance vaginal sensation by delivering a controlled thermal energy to the desired areas–external (labia) and or internal (vaginal). This is an option for women experiencing painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness. Additionally, the external labial tissues tighten, leading to a more youthful appearance; many have reported more pleasurable intimacy. Mild urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse may also be treated. It’s quick, easy, and safe, requiring no anesthesia or downtime. Patients often see results after one treatment. Call our office weekdays at 583.4019 for a consultation with Dr. Yarinsky and his staff.

Oliva! Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany;
27 Housatonic Street, Lenox, MA
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, often recommended for women’s health issues. EVOO is high in monounsaturated fats and contains vitamins E and K. True EVOO is loaded with antioxidants and contains powerful health benefits, including its ability to reduce heart disease, fight cancer, fight infectious disease, and manage diabetes. With olive oil, fresh is everything. If it’s not fresh, the health benefits are greatly reduced and the taste is almost non-existent. At Oliva!, we rotate our oils according to harvest season, ensuring that you get the freshest EVOO available. Located in Stuyvesant Plaza and Lenox, MA, we offer over 50 selections of EVOOs and balsamic vinegars. Stop in and let our staff help you select the perfect combination for your needs.


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