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Capital District Wellness Management Services
1375 Washington Avenue, Suite G102, Albany
489.2628; www.weightlossalbanyNY.com
Miraculous LED technology offers safe and effective weight loss alternative How can you lose 2 inches or more of real body fat in one hour? Capital District Wellness Management Services offers fat loss alternatives that allow you to target resistant areas with specific wavelengths of red light (belly, arms, thighs, chin, back). There are no side effects whatsoever! No Pain No Downtime. Results are immediate. A total fat loss of 2 inches or more is typical in one session. Photonica is the only FDA-cleared LED device for immediate fat loss without pills, surgery, cell damage or exercise.

Capital Cardiology Associates
7 Southwoods Boulevard, Albany
Offices throughout the Capital Region
292.6000; www.capitalcardiology.com
Why is heart disease the #1 killer among women?  Is it because women are less likely to seek treatment? Is it because they don’t know what the signs of heart attack in women differ from those in men? Is it because all of life’s obligations to other family members take precedence? Excess sweating, chest pressure, nausea or jaw pain, fatigue and exercise intolerance can all be symptoms of heart disease in women. These are also symptoms that women often ignore or decide that evaluation would be too time-consuming. Capital Cardiology Associates is committed to the rapid and compassionate evaluation of all of our patients, men and women. Call today for an appointment, 292.6000.

Capital District YMCA
Swim your way to better health Swimming is a great way to get the exercise you need while having fun. Swimming burns twice as many calories as walking and is easier on your body. Swimming is good for your muscles and joints. Aqua fitness classes help you prevent age-related muscle loss or strengthen by working every muscle. And water aerobics has been proven to reduce pain and stiffness of your joints, reduce cartilage breakdown, and alleviate chronic pain due to arthritis or osteoporosis. Swimming is good for your heart. Swimming is a great cardio exercise. The quick movements and water resistance require your heart to work a little harder while still going easy on the rest of your body. Visit a Y near you and learn about all our aqua programs at www.cdymca.org

Advanced Audiology Services
27 Lower Hudson Avenue, Green Island
270.5802; www.advancedaudiologysvcs.net
It can be quite daunting, not to mention frustrating, trying to make a decision about which hearing aid to buy.  This is where the services of the audiologist can be instrumental in achieving a successful outcome.  The audiologist’s role in selection is to guide and advise the consumer regarding options such as style and level of technology.  One should wind up with “the best hearing aid for me.” Carrying many brands does not necessarily translate into an advantage to the consumer.  More useful information might be the answer to “What kinds of results do you typically get from the hearing aids that you dispense? Are your patients usually satisfied with the outcome?”

Myrtle Street Obstetrics & Gynecology
59 Myrtle Street, Saratoga Springs
2105 Ellsworth Boulevard, Malta.
587.2400; www.myrtlestobgyn.com
LARC–It’s a thing By Bernice Moeller-Bloom, NP You know things are becoming mainstream when they get their own acronym. So, today’s acronym is LARC (Long-Acting Reversible Contraception).This means birth control providing women with highly effective means to prevent pregnancy, while preserving the option for having babies later. These options are now recommended as first-line contraception for women from their teen years to peri-menopause. While they do not protect against STIs, LARC reduces unintended pregnancy and abortion. And they are cost-effective! Each has unique risks and benefits, so you should discuss the options with your health care provider at your next GYN appointment. Bernice Moeller-Bloom is accepting new patients at Myrtle Street Obstetrics & Gynecology, 587.2400.

Salon Harmony West
100 N Mohawk Street, Cohoes
233.9378; www.salonharmonywest.com 
A new luxury salon and spa located by the beautiful Cohoes Falls! Eight expert stylists constantly trained on the newest looks, five color lines and a top-of-the-line esthetician. Salon Harmony West has everything to make you look and feel absolutely flawless. We use both hard and soft wax for full body waxing, half-price micro-dermabrasion for first-time clients and a new facial special each month. Whether you’re trying to achieve an ageless look or just get a beautiful glow for a special event, we have all the tools to make you look and feel your best.

Breathe Massage Therapy
48 Hudson Avenue, Delmar
621.7979; www.breathemassagedelmar.com
Breathe Massage opened its doors in 2011 with only two therapists and a dream to create a space where clients could relax and find a moment’s peace. In the last six years, Breathe has expanded services to include skin care, waxing, and lash extensions. Whether you’re looking to improve your skin tone with an amazing facial or take your pain away with a massage, our staff loves what they do and it shows in their work. You’ll immediately be put at ease with our comfortable, relaxed surroundings. Our clients tell us that they look forward to their treatment all week. Come see for yourself!

Theta S. Pattison, MD
2508 Western Avenue, Altamont
690.0177; www.thetapattison.com
No one understands women’s skin conditions better than other women, especially women physicians. We are a woman-owned dermatology practice with all-female physicians and physician assistants. We treat patients of all ages and genders, but have special expertise in women’s skin. We focus on skin conditions that are medically necessary to treat, such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, skin cancers and allergic contact dermatitis. Almost everyone suffers some of these problems. We treat them. Our mission is to provide high quality comprehensive dermatologic care in a caring and supportive environment, taking into consideration the whole person. We welcome new patients.

Physical Therapy & Wellness Solutions
281 Sand Creek Road, Albany
The John of God crystal healing bed, brought here from Brazil and the only one in the Capital District, is available here. Approved by a world famous healer, it will cleanse, balance, open and recharge the 7 chakras, the body’s energy centers, creating deep relaxation and facilitation of body’s own natural healing mechanisms. Each person receives a different effect specific to condition, need or level of awareness. Please read more online for better understanding and call to schedule a unique healing session.

Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC
7 Wells Street, 3rd Floor, Saratoga Springs
583.4019; www.yarinsky.com
Steven Yarinsky, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon, cosmetic medicine expert Eliminate fat and unwanted hair without any downtime with our SculpSure® and Vectus® LASERs! Fat pouches and hair where you would like to be bare are major issues when you try on your bathing suit! At Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, summer bodies are made in the winter. If you have stubborn areas of fat that you cannot seem to lose despite a healthy diet and routine exercise, and you are at or near your ideal weight, SculpSure® laser fat removal can help you to contour your figure. Our new Vectus® laser offers the fastest laser hair removal available. Vectus treats all areas of the body and face—and all skin types—more effectively. SculpSure® is not a weight-loss procedure. If you desire a more rapid result and need more intense contouring, liposuction may be more appropriate for your needs. Visit www.yarinsky.com. To schedule a consultation with Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS -call 583.4019.

VENT Fitness
Various locations
VENT Fitness is the Capital District’s premier locally-owned fitness brand founded on a commitment to provide the Capital District with a sustainable health club with the amenities for every stage of your reinVENTion. Whether you’re a decorated athlete or a fitness beginner, we have the perfect membership plan for you. With our world-class group exercise classes, exclusive small group workouts, and our personal trainers that put you first, VENT Fitness has everything you need to keep you happy, healthy, fit and focused. Have you heard? VENT Fitness Studio is coming to Saratoga! Visit ventfitnessstudio.com to claim your FREE session today.


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