Your feet deserve attention


Even when they are covered with boots

Disclaimer: If you have sensitive skin, please consult with your doctor or other qualified health care professional before using any product discussed within this article.
As the holidays are now behind us, we can start focusing on a potential vacation, which is hopefully someplace warm and sunny. With warm and sunny weather comes open toe shoes, flip flops or, even better, bare feet. Since many of us have calluses from overuse or just over the years, this article may help you with do-it-at-home foot care tips, tools and products. Just as you adhere to a regimen for your hair and face, so too should your feet benefit from some similar tender loving care.
Your feet carry you everywhere you go. They withstand a beating every day and if you are a high heel wearer, then even more. So it is little wonder that the feet deserve more attention than they probably receive.
A pampering foot massage is a great way to get started. It is comforting, relaxing and guaranteed to keep you interested in taking care of your feet. Once you have experienced the soothing feeling that accompanies proper foot care, you will want to do everything you can to make sure your feet stay in tip-top shape.

Revitalize by exfoliating
Scrubbing is essential for foot care. The idea of rubbing acid-based creams and rough instruments over your feet doesn’t sound appealing, yet these two methods really do work. Once you know how to exfoliate your feet, you can begin a foot care regiment that has an actual purpose. By eliminating dry, rough skin, you are essentially revitalizing the feet and revealing new skin.
Exfoliating can be a luxurious experience if you take the time to do it thoroughly. Several products are specifically designed to remove dead skin cells from the feet. Here are some exfoliating tools to try:
• Pumice stone: This course, granulated stone is the ideal beauty tool for dry feet. It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and several are attached to a handheld wand for ease of use. You can purchase this on line or in any drug store.
• Foot scrubs: These scrubs are specially formulated to work their magic on the feet and typically contain ingredients that stimulate circulation and condition the skin while sloughing away dead skin cells. Bliss Foot and Mamma’s Famous Foot Exfoliation Elixir are two great products to try. These are available on line.
• Exfoliating creams: Similar to regular moisturizers, these foot creams provide a little something for tired, worn out feet. They penetrate the skin with intense moisture and gently exfoliate over time, providing extended relief. Exuviance Heel Repair and Alpha Skincare Deep Therapy foot creams are a couple of on line options.
• Foot peels: After soaking your feet per the recommended instructions, you then insert your feet into a chemical solution booty that you wear for approximately one hour. I have tried Baby Foot a couple of times. I found that it takes a few days for the peeling process to start and once it does, it can peel for up to two weeks. Babyfoot, Kerasal and Tonymoly are a few on line products you can try.

Ways to achieve soft feet
Now that you have the tools, it is time to exfoliate the feet and there are a few options. Ideally, you should set aside some time to do a proper, thorough exfoliating treatment. The following steps will have you well on your way to the softest feet you have ever felt!
1. Fill a small foot spa tub or basin with warm water. For every six cups of water placed in the basin, add one cup of milk (a natural exfoliating and nourishing additive). Soak your feet for approximately 20 or more minutes, allowing the milk’s lactic acid to soften the skin.
2. Pat your feet dry with a soft towel. Then follow up with one of the above-mentioned foot scrubs. These scrubs contain granulated ingredients that work to gently loosen and remove dead skin. Massage it into the skin in a circular motion, paying special attention to the extra rough spots on your heel and toe areas.
3. After rinsing, apply a rich foot cream (if done before sleeping) or a non-greasy lotion (if done at any time of the day) and pull on a pair of socks to seal in the moisture. You can also try a foot peel such as Babyfoot, Kerasal and Tonymoly as noted above. After soaking the recommended time per the product’s instructions and wearing the booties for an hour or so, your feet will begin peeling after three to five days. You can also soak in warm water the day after you wear the booties, which can assist with advancing the peel process. You will be amazed how much skin falls off, from the top of your feet to the bottom and everywhere in between. If you dare, google Babyfoot photos and make sure you are not eating when you do. Let’s just say it is not the prettiest thing you will see. Of course, if you usually find yourself in a bit of a rush, this method won’t do you much good. Instead, store a pumice stone in the bathroom and gently scrub the roughest areas of your feet prior to showering. A soft touch is all that’s needed to notice nearly instantaneous results. The feet should then be coated in a rich, moisturizing foot cream and covered with socks. Eventually, your feet will be smooth and supple. Depending on what shape your feet are, either monthly or every other month exfoliation is frequent enough to maintain soft and callous-free feet.


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